RDS Premium Spirits Introduces Rhumerie du Chamarel

RDS Premium Spirits Introduces Rhumerie du Chamarel

La Rhumerie de Chamarel, boutique distillery, is situated 300 metres above sea level at the foothills of the highest mountain on the Island and produces an annual production of 300,000 litres single estate agricole* rum from three varieties of sugar cane, Blue, Yellow and Red. This selection ensures only the finest rum agricole is produced, with the distillery having trialled and tested which sugar cane (out of the twelve varieties used to make rum agricole) makes good agricultural rum.Chamarel VSOP

All of the liqueurs in the Chamarel range are made using column distilled rum, otherwise known as "the premium white rum", as the base spirit. Each of the three varieties of sugar cane are cut, pressed, fermented and distilled in a copper column still - after which they are blended together and laid to rest in stainless steel vats for six months. This is to ensure the volatile components are removed resulting in fresh aromatic white rum.

The product is unique because all the sugar cane has been exclusively selected and grown on the estate, rather than being sourced from around the country. As a result, the sugar cane benefits from a unique micro climate only known to this region in Mauritius.

Only at their peak of maturity are the sugar canes hand picked without being burnt and transferred immediately to mills, where the first pressing is used to make the Rum Agricole. This careful selection ensures only the purest of cane juice is extracted to produce the exclusive range of premium rums.

RDS Premium Spirits are releasing a selection of Chamarel Expressions to the UK Market:

  • Premium Rum - exceptional aromas and long finish.
  • Vanilla Liqueur - perfect blend of premium rum made with pure sugar cane juice and natural vanilla pods.
  • VSOP RUM - matured for a minimum of 4 years in oak barrels.
  • Coffee Liqueur - made with pure sugar cane juice and roasted coffee grains which are grown on the estate.
  • Gold Rum - rich caramel shade and distinctive blend of aromas.
  • Coconut liqueur - a decadent coconut nose and lovely coconut taste
  • Double distilled - full-bodied rum with well balanced flavours.

Available now at stockists: Master of Malt ( www.masterofmalt.com ) - Gerry's Wine and Spirit ( www.gerrys.uk.com ) - The Whisky Exchange ( www.thewhiskyexchange.com ) - The Drinkshop.com ( www.thedrinkshop.com )

"There is place for Rum Chamarel Products in the UK market because people appreciate high quality products - and Rum Chamarel is no exception. The distillery uses old age techniques to create charming agricole rum with lots character, which does not reflect on the age of this boutique distillery.

The UK has seen an Influx of different styles of rum products, ranging from molasses to the agricoles to the virgin cane syrup based rums being introduced. As a result people are becoming increasingly curious and more diverse in their drinking habits when approaching the Pirates favourite tipple. This has lead to an exodus of people shying away from the more commercial brands of rum, leaning more towards the niche or boutique style products. The result has meant year on year, Rum sales in the white, gold, aged and flavoured rum categories have seen increases which will continue to grow.

I believe we have entered the Rum market at a time where people are really starting to get to grips with their Rum and the different types there is on offer, so the introduction of this Mauritian agricole rum in the agricole rum category at this moment should go in our favour as agricole rum is becoming increasingly popular.

Peoples taste buds are seeking for new things to try and for instance in cocktails, using white agricole rum instead or molasses based rum people will notice a fragrant smell from the rum as well as a bite that follows through the side of your tongue when it is drunk.

Rum Chamarel stands out because it is a boutique distillery that has an annual production of 300,000 litres and produces single estate agricole rum. They produce artisanal products using painstaking methods to produce their rum with low yield in return. Rum Chamarel is a luxury product because it is niche brand and it is intended for connoisseurs and people who want to explore the finer quality spirits."

Rowan Sham - Managing Director, RDS Premium Spirits

Find more online at www.rdspremiumspirits.co.uk

* Rhum Agricole is the French term for "cane juice rum".

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