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We are happy to discuss your advertising needs and can offer a selection of advertising options across all channels on the Kokova Magazine website, in dedicated advertising sections. Please contact us for individual prices.

Competition sponsorship is one of the simplest ways to advertise online with us and reach a growing audience. By offering your product as a prize and becoming a competition sponsor you can take advantage of the extensive advertising each competition creates, while your product becomes a much sought after prize. As well as a dedicated online page, with external links to your own website, your product will receive cross-promotion to our social media channels.

The prize winners will be keen to share their prize winning story with friends and family, and if your product pleases they will freely spread this information by word-of-mouth advertising to a larger offline audience.

For all enquiries, including multiple competition options please email us at

Competition Sponsorship

£15 minimum prize value - and with direct delivery to the winner

Data Capture

£15 administration and processing fee

Competition data capture returns entrant contact information for individual competitions, from those entering who specifically request further competition sponsor contact. This option is clearly shown on all competition webforms as an opt-in selection to avoid mass inclusion and data from those not wishing additional sponsor contact.


Products are accepted for review and online inclusion, if deemed suitable for our audience

All campaigns can be tailored to suit your business needs and we welcome the opportunity to provide detailed and comprehensive quotations on this basis.

We reserve the right to reject, amend, exclude or omit any advertisement submitted for the Kokova Magazine site. For additional paid advertising selections please email us for more information. We do not accept paid advertorial submissions or paid outbound links offers, and all our editorial content is free of any additional charge.

Editorial Channel Descriptions

Food and Drink
We are what we eat! Food is the body’s fuel so what should we eat and when can we treat? We look at various food trends & solid rules for a healthy fuel supply.
Covering all aspects of life and individual lifestyles choices including leisure activities, health issues, skincare, alternative therapies and shopping trends.
Discover a variety of travel options and destinations for healthy holidays, indulgent retreats, pure luxury and relaxation, and escapes from the norm.
Read unbiased reports and honest reviews on a variety of products and places we have personally tried and tested, including our Top Picks and Star Buys choices.
Enter monthly competitions for a chance to win great prizes and receive exclusive reader offers from our competition sponsors at Kokova Magazine.

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