Gluten-free Bakes from Whole Creation

Gluten-free Bakes from Whole Creation

This week we picked up some cookie dough from Morrisons. We were in the shop picking up a few essentials when these little tubes of loveliness caught our eye and we have to say - we're impressed!Whole Creations Cookies

Personally, I have never rated cookie dough packs, finding the finished product looks nothing like the picture representation. And cooking usually ends up harder and taking longer to achieve a less than happy result. So, armed with four packs of Whole Creations Cookie Dough I headed to the kitchen with little enthusiasm and a lot of dormant disappointment ready to flow.

I can't make biscuits and cookies myself from a full recipe. I have tried, many times, and I end up with burnt biscuits and crumbling cookies every time. However, unwrapping the Whole Creations dough, the only dilemma I found myself faced with the size of the slice. We went on the generous side for the triple chocolate cookies, and the only issue we had was a little crumbling on cutting. This was soon patted back in to shape as we sliced through chunks of chocolate chip.

The butter cookies sliced evenly and we soon had a tray full of unbaked dough ready for the oven. On the promise of fresh baked cookies in around 12 minutes, we didn't bother with grease on the tray, and evenly spread the dough disks straight on to our oven pan. In they went for 12 whole minutes at 170 degrees.

They came out golden brown in record time, and were left to cool momentarily in order to set their shape - because as we found, if you lift them straight off the tray they protest and break - so a little patience is called for.

And that was it! Open, slice, bake, cool, eat. Gluten-free cookies ready to go.

Four packs in and we feel it is only responsible to mention that they are only gluten-free, and as such still an indulgent sugary treat that is best eaten with restraint. If you are going to bake four packs make sure you have invited friends round for tea because they are too delicious to leave.

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