Guilt-free Organic Chocolate from Raw Halo

Guilt-free Organic Chocolate from Raw Halo

We absolutely love it when the postman brings us chocolate. I mean, real chocolate, on our doorstep, for us to try. So, super-excited to get not one, but four bars of Raw Halo to try.

All the bars are organic, vegan, have no refined sugar, are dairy-free and gluten-free. So we had a whale of a time chomping our way through them - completely guilt-free!

It is great to find a bar that has very few ingredients in, and when you do, most or all are organic. With the addition of Lucuma Powder, three of the bars are pushing health benefits, and as opposed to many candy chocolate bars now on the high street, the Raw Halo are joining the ranks of more specialist chocolatiers in producing chocolate that is not full of the 'bad stuff'.Raw Halo

But how does it taste?

  • The Mylk + Pink Himalayan Salt was salty, not overly so, and definitely had the texture of a less refined chocolate, in the true sense of the word. Raw chocolate has a slight grittiness to it for us, and this is not a bad texture - it is just different.
  • Pure Mylk, again had a coarseness to it but was sweet without being too sweet. It feels more like a natural sweetness rather than having artificial extras added.
  • Mylk + Vanilla - we love vanilla so this was a really good choice and even though it was a larger bar, it didn't last long!
  • Pure Dark turned out to be our favourite of the selection, as it had a great chocolate taste and was more to our liking.

Each and every bar of Raw Halo is lovingly made using the finest organic Peruvian raw cacao, coconut sugar, and other natural ingredients - check out their story at

"With so many flavours to try, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Our bars are created using all-natural, organic ingredients so everyone can enjoy a taste of our luxurious chocolate. Sweetened with coconut sugar and using the finest Peruvian raw cacao, our 35g bars are the perfect little treats for yourself, whilst our 70g sharing bars are best enjoyed with a special someone. Which flavour will be your favourite - the creamy smooth mylk or the rich and fruity dark?"

Raw Halo

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