Jimini's Crickets! Edible Insects

Jimini's Crickets! Edible Insects

Last month Jo and I ventured up to the BBC Good Food Eat Well Show, in search of new and exciting products. We expected to find a lot of 'energy' balls, breakfast bars, dried fruit and free-from treats. What we didn't expect was to find, and try, a range of insect snacks, including crickets!Jimini's Mealworms

In 2012, friends Clement and Bastien were watching yet another season of a well-known reality show, where contestants are often faced with the prospect of eating insects, leading to their own personal desire to try some themselves.

After a bumpy journey of discovery, the friends settled on making insect appetizers, and welcomed Jimini's to the world.

Jimini's is the first French brand to introduce edible insects as an appetiser! And although they may not look as appetising as you think, we did decide to give them a try and were very surprised by the results.

Designed as a quirky and original alternative to crisps and peanuts, for nibbles with a drink or before a meal, the insects selected by Jimini's are grasshoppers, mealworms and crickets, chosen from over 1900 edible insects that currently exist.

Aside from snack pack appetisers, Jimini's is also available to enhance your cooking experience, with Jimini's Origine - packs of product that can be added in to your meal planning. Discover the pleasure of cooking grasshoppers and mealworms according to your taste: sweet, salty or as nature intended, these edible insects will bring originality to you recipes.

Insects are low in fat and sugar, and high in proteins, omega-3 and omega-6. Aside from being a healthy and natural food source, insects also have recognised environmental benefits. Their production requires very little raw materials to feed and store. Edible insects are fast becoming considered as a sustainable alternative to animal proteins, which would reduce the environmental impact considerable in relation to that impact caused by raising larger livestock.

All products are created without the use of artificial colourings or preservatives. They are manufactured in France and Jimini's guarantee quality and traceability. The boxes are made from 50% recycled cardboard. You can now try Jimini's Edible Insects at Fortnum & Mason, Planet Organic and Selfridges. To learn more about edible insects visit www.jiminis.co.uk

Jimini's make nine original products from their selection of three edible insects, to include: -


  • Pepper and Dried Tomato
  • Greek Spices
  • Fruity Curry
  • Paprika


  • Seasame and Cumin
  • Imperial Soy
  • Garlic and Herbs


  • Smoked Onion BBQ
  • Sweet Mango

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