Experience a Different World Cuisine Each Night of the Olympics

Experience a Different World Cuisine Each Night of the Olympics

Global Feast Wed 25th July to Monday 13th August is an exciting new food experience offering a different world cuisine each night of the Olympics, as diners sit round a giant sculptural model of the world that is fifteen metres long, six metres wide and over two metres tall.

The model will double as both table and seating that is just a stone's throw from the Olympic Park, at Stratford Town Hall.

Organised by Latitudinal Cuisine and curated and co-hosted by Kerstin Rodgers of The Underground Restaurant, an array of Britain's top restaurant and supper club cooks have signed up to cook their signature dishes at the 20-date banquet.

Each night's four-course menu will reflect a different world cuisine, with twenty chefs including Martin Morales of Ceviche and Anna Hansen of The Modern Pantry taking turns to prepare a night's banquet.

Each guest dines in a unique part of the sculptural space, designed by atmos - the art and architecture studio founded by Alex Haw - sitting on its oceans, dining off its coastlines, illuminated by its cities, en-shadowed by its mountains - with a bespoke set of plates and napkins illustrating their location in the world.

To celebrate the Opening Ceremony of the Games, Global Feast hosts a truly British night featuring Kerstin Rodgers of the Underground Restaurant from England, stylish supper club hostess Aoife Behan from Scotland and Denise Baker-Mclean, Welsh finalist in Britain’s Best Dish.

The next night will shift to Northern Europe with the evening cuisines then moving continually eastwards to end in Brazil - a symbolic handover to the 2016 Games.

This summer, as the whole world arrives in the capital for London 2012, Global Feast aims to celebrate London’s glorious melting pot. The event will mirror the rich multiplicity of this city's population and its extensive home-restaurant food scene - the semi-secret ritual of local Londoners opening up their homes to host the city.

For more information, menus, calendar, images and biographies of the team and guest chefs - and to purchase tickets for the evening visit www.globalfeast2012.com

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