The Incredible Bakery Company

The Incredible Bakery Company

When it comes to free-from baking, we believe that the Incredible Bakery Company may just have found the perfect recipe for gluten-free bread. We are always on the hunt for good free-from products, so when a company proclaims they are 'Britain's Best Gluten Free & Vegan Bakery' we just have to try a taste test.

Actually, we discovered the Incredible Bakery Company purely by chance when we were dining out in Guildford recently. The Cosy Club offered a gluten-free bread to dip in oil and balsamic, and when it arrived at our table I actually had to question if it really was free-from. The club was happy to share the name of the company that supplied the bread and the following week I put in an order for a breakfast selection from the Incredible Bakery Company.Incredible Bakery Company

The Incredible Bakery Company is a craft bakery located in the pretty village of Warkton, in the rural area of Northamptonshire. They produce a variety of gluten, dairy, eggs, and soya-free bakery products, and do not process any of the 14 common food allergens, with everything made at their site in Warkton. All of their products are free from gluten, nuts, dairy, soya, and eggs. They are also all vegan.

I opted for the breakfast selection because it included: -
3 x Golden Linseed Loaf (650g)
8 x Mixed Paninis
12 x Cinnamon & Raisin Buns

This gave me a good selection to try and, as I had already sampled the Golden Linseed Loaf in Guildford, I was pretty confident that as long as the quality was consistent, that I would like them. The parcel arrived and I had included a few extras, including the brownie and a couple of scones, which made a sweet treat in January (we aren't dieting yet!)

The loaves cost about the same as I am paying for supermarket bread in the free-from ranges so price wise it made sense to bulk buy and freeze these new loaves. Slicing them before freezing is a great idea otherwise you do have to wait for the whole loaf to defrost. We found this out from experience. It then makes it really easy just to take out what you need and keep the rest fresh. The products are completely different from the mainstream we used to buy, in as much as they do need to be eaten and will not sit in plastic for a week (or more). Fresh products have a shorter shelf life but fewer additives and preservatives to keep them so.

The bread is as good as the first time we tried it. Toasted it makes a slightly crispier bite but I love the texture. The plain paninis were a surprise too and have been added to our order list. They are as good as any others we have tried before the days of dietary restrictions. Our downfall was the cinnamon buns. As we had so many we decided to make them a breakfast treat every day, for as long as we had them. They felt quite dense to start but once toasted they softened up. They were a little drier than regular buns but it took nothing away from the pleasure of eating them!

We are looking forward to exploring the other products available from the Incredible Bakery Company.

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