Honestly Italian at Carluccio's with Andy Kyriacou

Andy Kyriacou, still performing as vocalist for 80's Pop band Modern Romance, visits one of the more prestigiously located Italian restaurants, which form part of the renowned Carluccio's chain of delights...

Lucocoa Chocolate: Changing the Chocolate Landscape

It is always a great delight when we discover something new to share - especially when that 'something' is not only new to us, but new to everyone - and when that 'something' is also chocolate we are in our own personal heaven. So it is a pleasure to announce that not only did we witness, we also sampled chocolate from the launch of Lucocoa Chocolate, at the London Chocolate Festival last month.

Say Aloe to 2015 with a Little Help from Vera

Aloe Vera has been widely proclaimed as a 'must-have' essential for 2015. And for centuries we have been able to catalogue the various uses and benefits of this spiky plant. Well, now it comes in more palatable drink varieties, making it much easier to include in your weekly diet. We put two different companies to the test, with surprising results.

Infinity Foods Kitchen Re-Opens to Rave Reviews

Having been revamped and redesigned, the Infinity Foods Kitchen has re-opened to a rapture of rave reviews. Based in Brighton, the Infinity Foods Kitchen offers a wide range of delicious, freshly cooked, organic and vegetarian dishes. So when I received an invitation to review the Infinity Food Kitchen on 50 Gardener Street, North Laine, I didn't need much persuasion.

Mixing It Up in Minutes with the Magic Bullet

If you have a party planned or people coming over, especially teenagers (who will love this for making mocktails and cocktails) then stock up on some fresh and frozen fruits, juices and (for those over 18) spirits and wine and you can make a great selection of party drinks in quick succession with the Magic Bullet.

Highlights and Hot Picks from Rumfest 2014

After the success of this year's show, we take a look back at some of the highlights and our personal top picks from this year's Rumfest, at the ILEC Conference Centre in London. Rumfest 2014 was a step up again on the previous year, a move in the right direction and a positive show that can only leave us wondering what they will pull out of the hat for next year.

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