Create the Perfect Bar of Chocolate with ChocoMe

Create the Perfect Bar of Chocolate with ChocoMe

If you are looking for the ultimate in chocolate design and wish you could put just the toppings you like onto a bar of silky smooth milk, creamy white or devilishly dark chocolate - then ChocoMe can help you to create your perfect bar*.

Whether you want to mix strawberries with pecan, cinnamon with cranberries or any other combination - ChocoMe puts you in control of your creation, to present you with a bar of chocolate that is uniquely made for you.

ChocoMe was established with the ultimate purpose of creating the perfect bar of chocolate. SChocoMeince perfection means something different for each chocolate lover, their enterprise provides the possibility of creating more than 60 million different variations of uniquely designed, customized chocolate bars - made using premium quality ingredients, with every bar prepared and packaged by hand.

Owner Gábor Mészáros established ChocoMe in 2010 and today his creations have been recognised and received Great Taste Awards for 2013.

As well as creating your own, ChocoMe offer a divine collection of pre-topped bars starting from as little as £7 each.

If you are looking for the perfect present for a chocolate lover, a stocking filler for Mum or a really special bar for that special person in your life then take a look at the wonderful combinations already available or get creative and make your own at

"We were first introduced to these gorgeous bars earlier this year and if you want something that is aesthetically pleasing as well as being made to suit your taste then you really will be delighted with your purchase.

The selection we tried came in both dark and milk chocolate and for something that looks so pretty to taste just as good is quite a surprise. Often the art of making it 'please the eye' can leave flavour lacking but ChocoMe offers a chocolate bar that really does taste as good as it looks.

From the recommended creations, the crystallised mint leaves add a hint of mint to the dark chocolate bar without overpowering the complete picture - adding to rather than dominating - and this is refreshing to find in a mint chocolate creation.

The combination of pistachios, blackberries and raspberries works incredibly well on another recommended creation and the dried fruits retain all their flavour perfectly.

Not yet available to buy online but definitely worth a mention are the ChocoMe chocolate covered freeze-dried strawberries. We got a sneaky taste preview of these at this year's Salon du Chocolat - and they are definitely one to watch out for.

Our personal favourite? The Arriba 39% Milk chocolate wearing sea salt with Tahitian vanilla, pecans and caramel flavoured chocolate pastille. The growing trend for salted chocolate is displayed brilliantly in this bar. The salt again is not dominating the flavour but commands recognition as soon as you pop a square into your mouth. We loved this bar and would certainly be delighted if we found it in our stocking on Christmas day."

Kokova Magazine

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*At present the 'Create Your Own' option is not available in the UK for orders under 100 bars - although the pre-topped bars can be ordered individually online and are also available at various outlets.

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