Blend Delight into Your Life with Love Your Blender

Blend Delight into Your Life with Love Your Blender

The smoothie revolution has taken 2015 by storm, with one of the most popular must-have kitchen gadgets being the blender, which in many cases can only mean the addition of a Nutribullet.Love Your Blender

But once you have your blender unpacked and in place, what do you start to blend for a healthier you?

Simply having a blender doesn't guarantee smoothie success, and many mushy mash-ups have ended up down the sink rather than supplying your body with vital nutrients and vitamins that you intended to drink.

To help you work your way up to Master Blender, Love Your Blender have come up with a simple solution. By combining superfoods, whole nuts, seeds and other tasty ingredients - such as vanilla pod and rose petals - they have created sachets that are over 90% organic, 100% vegan, and totally delicious!

Simply add to fresh produce in your blender to super-charge your smoothies. And to make it all as easy as 1-2-3 they even supply you with the smoothie recipes in a variety of options to suit your taste!

They have done the choosing, measuring and mixing for you to create single-serve sachets of nutritious, delicious ingredients - available to buy online and have delivered straight to your door.

No more repetitive smoothies made from a giant tub of powder, cupboards stuffed with unused bags of superfoods, or undrinkable 'experiments'.

Making varied 'delicious-every-time' nutrient-packed smoothies has never been so easy.

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