Finding The Spirit of Christmas in 2022

Finding The Spirit of Christmas in 2022

What better than a good event to make life seem normal again? Getting back to visit the Spirit of Christmas Fair 2022 confirmed that life is a little more normal, and Christmas can be exciting again.

Earlier this month we visited Olympia London for the first time in four years, and were really excited to see so many of the brands we love had survived the turmoil of the last few years. As ever, we are always excited when an event includes food and drink. We can't help loving the rush of discovering new business ventures, new products, and new people. As soon as we arrived, we headed up to the first floor for a quick run around the food stands, scouring the many exhibitors who were taking part in this year's event.

Spotting a few familiar faces and brands, such as Lucy's Dressings, felt a little like 'coming home'. Discovering new products including Mother Root, Orriss & Son, Roni B's, and James Martin's Gin is the icing on the cake. Fudge Kitchen has introduced a vegan range to their collection, which is already gluten-free so finally, we could all indulge with a slice of each new vegan flavour.

Lucy's Dressings have introduced a new Pesto flavour that really suits a simple pasta dish, to complement their existing range. Mother Root, a non-alcoholic aperitif supercharged with apple cider, makes a great rescue remedy for us, as we got a bad cold the following week. The Spirit of Christmas Fair 2022This is pure heaven when served hot each morning. Orriss and Son offered a selection of small-batch sauces, and we love a little sauce. With some spicy offerings, we opted for a more subtle jalapeno nettle sauce that really had a pesto edge too. We do love a bit of pesto!

Later that week we explored the Tamarind Chicken recipe from Roni B's that worked with the sauce we bought, and we loved it. Instead of using a whole chicken as suggested, we basted chicken breasts (skin-on) and got a really delicious crispy result on top of the succulent meat underneath. If you want to discover some new recipes, head over to their website as they have a great selection on offer, all using their tasty sauces.

A special tipple for us is the James Martin London Dry Gin. Expecting the usual, as there are so many gins to choose from following the recent boom in this spirit, we were more than pleasantly surprised by this uncomplicated, clean example. I want to say it is inoffensive, without making light of what that means. It didn't argue, clash or cause any ill sensations when sampled neat. Many drinks try to vie for attention in the mouth, with too many flavour variations to distinguish, or they don't quite settle in the throat as well as expected. James' gin does none of this. It is simply an understated, easy-to-drink, extremely well-balanced, enjoyable experience in gin.

The Spirit of Christmas Fair is crammed full of stands, including linens, clothing, household goods, present ideas, and of course, the famous decorations that make Christmas so special. The scent from these stands makes it feel like it is Christmas already. With next year's event already in the diary, make sure you add the dates to your new 2023 calendar.

Visit The Spirit of Christmas Fair 2023 from October 30 - November 5 where you can celebrate 21 years of this event, source from over 700 small independent brands, and enjoy a glass of bubbly in one of the Louis Roederer Champagne bars while you soak up the festive atmosphere.

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