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Devitt Insurance MCN London Motorcycle Show returns to the ExCeL for 2023

The ever-popular Devitt Insurance MCN London Motorcycle Show returns to the ExCeL Centre next month with a fresh new look. Alongside new title sponsor Devitt Insurance and the world’s biggest manufacturers, the 2023 Show will feature a brand new live-action show when they launch the first indoor Supersprint.

Happy New Year 2023

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2023. Let's hope that the economy picks up, life becomes a little easier, and we find a way to get through the day-to-day, which means you won't be finding any diet tips from us this month.

Kidney Diets for Dogs

Sadly our little dog has got to the stage in her life where she needs to eat a dedicated diet suitable for her failing kidneys. As she is approaching her fifteenth year, this makes us a little sad but we are also happy to still have her in our lives.

Glow Wild 2022 at Wakehurst

This week we went on a little late-night outing to Wakehurst, West Sussex, and enjoyed a few hours on our first-ever visit to Glow Wild. There is still time to book your tickets to this wonderful West Sussex event.

Finding The Spirit of Christmas in 2022

What better than a good event to make life seem normal again? Getting back to visit the Spirit of Christmas Fair 2022 confirmed that life is a little more normal, and Christmas can be exciting again.

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