Get Great Taste with Spice Drops® for Every Culinary Need

Get Great Taste with Spice Drops® for Every Culinary Need

Every so often a product pops up on the radar - again and again - and we love to see emerging companies still growing a few years on from the first meet and greet. Well, Spice Drops® has certainly grown since we first met them a few years ago and when you see what their range covers, it is easy to see why.Spice Drops

"Revealed as a finalist in this year's World Food Innovation Awards for Best Ingredient Innovation, Spice Drops® is a 30-strong range of highly concentrated natural extracts of herbs and spices that can be used to add authentic taste and aroma to any recipe in just a few drops.

To enhance and improve curries or sauces, baked goods or chocolates and all kinds of drinks, including cocktails and tea, Spice Drops® are a must-have for any home or professional kitchen, food outlet, bakery, chocolatier, barista and cocktail bar.

Made using natural extracts, which are largely locally sourced, Spice Drops® are gluten free, contain no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives and have no added salt or sugar. Unlike dried herbs and spices which lose their flavour and aroma very quickly, Spice Drops® retain their intensity for three years, ensuring consistent and reliable results every time."

Spice Drops® are incredibly easy to use. Each bottle has a dropper which allows for easy, accurate dispense, removing the need to grind, grate or chop up the raw ingredients. And what's more, they clearly state the number of drops needed to replicate the effects of the raw or fresh ingredient. With the option to add at any point in the recipe you can ensure the optimum flavour is achieved.

Spice Drops® are ethically sourced and ethically produced; the products are handmade in the factory in Kerala which is a women's enterprise employing mainly disadvantaged women who have been marginalised due to personal circumstances. In a traditionally male dominated society, employment in the factory gives these women much needed self-confidence and independence, making a true difference to their lives.

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