Pick of the Day: HECK's Full of Flavour Gluten-Free Sausages

Pick of the Day: HECK's Full of Flavour Gluten-Free Sausages

Over the last few years we have stumbled upon some amazing products and we are fast finding a list of favourites that never fail to 'make the grade' when it comes to quality produce.

Now you can follow our series aimed at introducing some of our favourite producers. Today's top taste pick is sausage shaped - and highlights a favourite producer - HECK.

The Keebles are a family of farmers and sausage makers. Making damn good sausages is in their blood and they have been doing it for years.

And now they are all working together on the family farm to bring you sausages packed to the skin with quality, flavour and inspiration. As well as being great sausages they are also gluten-free so we were delighted to taste-test an extensive selection from their range.

By using fresh herbs instead of dried, processed ones, they do small-batch production instead of mass-production and work with local suppliers, backing British agriculture and ensuring a fair price is paid throughout the whole supply chain. It's something they are really passionate about and although it takes extra time and effort it ensures that their produce is of farmers' market quality on your supermarket shelves.Heck

Starting with their Family Favourite we were presented with a good all-round sausage with an 85% pork content. In keeping with a lot of makes available now in major supermarkets it is good to see the meat content on sausages rising to a more acceptable level. This Family Favourite was a good size and cooked well, a nice classic taste with a clean finish.

Opt for the Heck Superior Skinless if you want them without the skin. Same great taste but without the casing, making them ideal to add to a sausage casserole or chop in with pasta. Without the skin they do not grill as well as the Family Favourite so definitely one to add to your favourite sausage recipe. Again 85% pork content and still gluten-free.

Fancy something a little different and not keen on too much pork in your sausage? Then plump for the Heck Chicken Italia - 85% British chicken with basil, tomato and mozzarella. This is not just for the kids! They taste fantastic and were our second choice in the favourite stakes from the Heck range. Slightly smaller but more to the packet these great little sausages will liven up any plate whether they are coupled with chips, diving into a pile of mash or simply dipping into some ketchup or brown sauce.

Want to keep the kids interested or create a great quality sausage burger? Then try Heck Fair & Square. Each skinless sausage square is separated by a layer of paper so it is easy to lift each square out of the packet and pop it into the frying pan. We tried to grill them but they did come apart a bit on turning so flipping them in a pan will probably be the easier option. Layer up in a bun with a slice of beef tomato and some fried onions for a delicious twist.Heck A

Heck have popped some peppers and paprika into the mix to create their Smoky Chorizo Style sausage. We like Chorizo at YST and now we can eat it 'sausage style'. A little kick gives these sausages the edge for anyone who likes it hot and spicy. Great texture and firm to bite into, a good sized sausage, again with 85% meat content. Also great if you eliminate dairy from your diet as this selection doesn't contain any cream powder either.

Our final taster was the Heck 97% - and for us this is what a sausage is all about.

As 'more meat the merrier' in our sausage types we were delighted to see this in the range - and it does not disappoint. Solid meat all the way through but still with enough give to make it a really tasty and well textured sausage but with that added 'bite' you can only get from such a high meat content. Flavoursome, meaty and perfect from dipping in the ketchup and eating any day. If you really like your sausage sandwiches then this should make a great choice because it stays in shape and cuts well so no more sausage bits slipping out from between the slices.

If you can't get to the local farm shop to buy your sausages from your local producer then searching out the best available products is the next best thing and Heck are bringing you superior quality into the mainstream supermarkets.

To view the full range and find out where to buy Heck sausages visit https://heckfood.co.uk

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