Simple Simon's Perfect Pies

Simple Simon's Perfect Pies

Nothing warms our tummies quite like a couple of fresh pies landing in the kitchen. So when a couple of pies arrived from Simple Simon's Perfect Pies, there were a few testers waiting to try.
Simple Simon's Perfect Pies

Our choices were either Chicken & Tarragon or Steak & Mushroom, and they were ready to reheat in the oven, following the simple instructions printed on their new recyclable packaging. The presentation is welcoming and the new website boasts some pretty good credentials, from Great Taste Producers, Safe and Local Supplier Approval (SALSA), and a Living Wage Employer. Making all the right noises and looking slick, the website tells us that: -

"Simple Simon's Perfect Pies was established in 2005 in Coulter, a tiny village in the south of Scotland. A converted barn, set in beautiful countryside is where the magic happens. The seven-strong Pie Team works together by creating recipes, and baking and dispatching our fabulous pies all over Britain. We supply Wholefoods, Waitrose, Dobbies and a host of delis, farm shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs the length and breadth of the country. We also sell directly to customers online and at farmers markets, food shows & make regular appearances on the Andi Peters Show on QVC. Just call or email and we will make and dispatch your pies within two working days."

As with anything food related, the proof is in the eating, so after their warm up, and dressed alongside a few yummy veg, the tasting began. The Steak & Mushroom was deemed 'very tasty' with a firm crispy crust. No soggy bottoms here! The steak was firm yet tender, melt in the mouth but with good consistency. The empty plate said it all.

For the Chicken & Tarragon the feedback was similar, definitely not too salty like many pre-made pies, tasty and flaky pastry, with generous sized chunks of chicken. The only negative feedback came from the chicken being a little dry, and a request for more sauce or gravy inside.

On the whole a pretty good thumbs up from us. And with the addition of pie slices to the range, it definitely warrants some further investigation. See the whole range now at

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