Beast and Field at Mercato Mayfair

Beast and Field at Mercato Mayfair

When it comes to steak, we are the first to admit, we love it. But if we are going to eat meat, we want to know where it came from, and that it is ethically sourced, well-bred, and preferably grass-fed. So when we popped into Mercato Mayfair a few weekends ago, we were delighted to find Beast & Field was offering a delicious selection of freshly cooked meats. Mercato MayfairThe whole Mercato venue is teaming with food options, and after a quick trip up and down the lengths we have to say Beast & Field had us drooling every time we passed their stand. In the end we settled at the bar, ordered some cocktails, and decided upon a lamb and steak platter with a side salad and chips.

I don't usually eat lamb as I find it quite tasteless and tough but this was cooked to perfection and dripping with flavour. The steaks - well we will be going back for more when we can stay a little longer and book in advance. They were amazingly good, and cooked exactly as we would have wanted them to be. Each slice was a melt-in-the-mouth moment, and we thoroughly enjoyed every second.

With Mercato being so popular, we were lucky as we had no waiting to get into the venue and it only took a little time to find a seat where we could relax and eat. By this time though the whole building was beginning to bustle - and the queue to get in was staggering by the time we left. Even though we are late to the Mercato party, we are definitely putting a date in the diary to return as soon as we can.

Mayfair is the second London location for Mercato and is based in St Mark's on North Audley Street. From a deconsecrated church to a cultural hub, offering authentic, sustainable food across two floors with the addition of a rooftop terrace, wine cellar, and a community space. Deconsecrated in 1974, St Mark’s on North Audley Street is now a cultural hub of sustainable authentic food, offering two floors of worldwide cuisine, a rooftop terrace, a wine cellar, and community space.

For more information and additional locations visit: Mercato Metropolitano

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