Country Living Ideas for Christmas

Country Living Ideas for Christmas

Having popped along to Islington last week for the Country Living Christmas Fair, I have found a real sense of festive spirit creeping in to the month a little earlier than we usually allow.

But having seen so many great gift ideas it seems a shame not to share our top picks in time for everyone who is embarking on present shopping. We spent a long, late shopping day scouring the hundreds of exhibitors on display at this year's event and our top ten include:
Rosehip and Wild

  1. Re-Uz offers a wide range of foldaway eco reusable bags, for the greatest practicality, making them ideal shopping carriers. Each pattern is created in-house and are exclusive to Re-Uz.
  2. Anemi Design creates contemporary feminine jewellery, from unique illustrations which are hand engraved. Crafted in sterling silver and 22ct yellow gold plating, many pieces feature precious and semi precious gemstones.
  3. Radnor Preserves has been judged as one of the best artisan marmalade makers in the world, winning most recently the Champion of Champion's Double Gold Prize at the World Marmalade Awards 2015.
  4. Billy the Teapot is all about creating flasks that people can sip from in style allowing them to take them to work, use at home or keep with them on the go.
  5. Arrow and Wild, founded by Ashley Miran who grew up in a very small town nestled in the mountains of central British Columbia, Canada. Ashley strives to combine the rustic elements of her roots, her feeling of wanderlust and need for travel, as well as her appreciation of timeless yet unique design into her creations, all the while appreciating the perfectly imperfect.
  6. Aura Que designs are developed in collaboration between UK designer Laura Queening and the small producer groups she works with in Asia We absolutely loved her gloves and bags.
  7. Nonya Secrets. Founder Maureen Suan Neo makes tasty curry sauce mixes, sharing her family heritage which allow you to create in your own home the healthy, complex and delicious cuisine of south east Asia.
  8. Rosehip and Wild create fabric prints from pressed botanical artworks and craft based techniques. Their style is young and fresh, referencing past crafts, evoking emotions and nostalgia with wild English flowers, exotic plants and hand printed traditional patterns.
  9. Jungle Jam is a fun, informative and educational children's book for 0-5 yr olds. It is about a singing monkey who embarks on a musical adventure to find global fame but discovers that he must work with others to make his dream turn into a reality.
  10. Bimbles Shoes. Founded by sisters Bethany and Osyth, Bimble is a family business that sets out to liberate little feet, giving tiny toes the freedom to move uninhibited, as nature intended. They take this very seriously because they know that every foot is different and needs room to wiggle, in order to grow up healthy and take its owner to great places.

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