Another Vote for Fria

As our regular readers know, we are searching for a great free from white loaf and after the recent Allergy & Free From Show at Olympia we picked up a Fria White Loaf to test. As with the other Fria products this loaf was already frozen, yet managed the journey home and into the freezer without any problems.

The Junction Inn Groombridge

Following a gluten free diet doesn't mean you have to for-go days out and a trip to the local pub for a quick bite to eat - or a full evening meal. And if you are over in Groomsbridge then The Junction Inn is most definitely the place to try. Catering for the gluten free eater, they also make their own gluten free cakes - perfect for a sunny afternoon tea-break.

Can an Eco-Friendly Cleaner Really Clean?

In the wake of our eco2life competition, and the obvious interest from our readers, The Source decided to test the whole eco2life range to see just how it compares to the variety of products that are already available.

Victoria's Grand Imperial London

Amid the hustle and bustle on Buckingham Palace Road - in the heart of London's Victoria - it is easy to get swept along with the crowds, and miss treasures and hot-spots situated on busy streets surrounding major transport terminals.

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