Allergy Friendly Treats from Steph's Free-From Cakes

If you suffer, or have a child who suffers from a food allergy, you will know that what seem like simple choices to most people can amount to a very difficult task. If you are one of the growing number of people living with food allergies, Steph’s Free From Cakes may help you to make those tricky decisions more easily.

The Cake Crusader Saves Your Gluten-Free Day

The Cake Crusader was founded by Liz Allan who discovered back in 2001 that she was wheat intolerant and found it very difficult to transition from a life with wheat to one without. At that time the only places where you could purchase “intolerance friendly” products were health food shops where the products were very expensive.

Haddock Risotto

A gluten-free summer sizzler... perfect for a light but filling meal and a great alternative recipe for smoked haddock.

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