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Say Aloe to 2015 with a Little Help from Vera

Aloe Vera has been widely proclaimed as a 'must-have' essential for 2015. And for centuries we have been able to catalogue the various uses and benefits of this spiky plant. Well, now it comes in more palatable drink varieties, making it much easier to include in your weekly diet. We put two different companies to the test, with surprising results.

The Kick Inside from Sinful Smoothies

When you pick up a smoothie you probably get a bit of a kick from feeling like a bit of a saint, for choosing the healthier option from the ready-to-drink juices that are widely available. But if the devil inside is looking for a little more fun then with Sinful Smoothies you are going to get more of a kick than you bargained for - because these innocent looking smoothies are sinfully enhanced with premium liqueur!

Discover a Mediterranean Style with Balcony Tea

Balcony Tea is a family run, independent, British tea company based in Brighton. Inspired by memories of a wholesome Mediterranean lifestyle, at Balcony tea they have created remarkably delicious teas and herbal infusions to bring the best of the Mediterranean to your cup. Balcony personally source and select the finest natural ingredients so you can enjoy the perfect cup of tea brimming with enchanting aromas and flavours.

The Bluebird Tea Co Unveil Their Christmas Collection

The Bluebird Tea Co. are excited to announce their long anticipated Christmas Collection 2014 with two brand new tea blends - 'Candy Cane' and 'Snowball', alongside the return of most loved 'Christmas Cake', 'Gingerbread Chai' and 'Mulled Wine'. As an extra special Christmas surprise Bluebird have also made their best sellers 'Gingerbread Chai' and 'Christmas Cake' available in their luxury biodegradable tea bags.

This Christmas Raise a Glass to Hedonism from the Compass Box Whisky Company

This Christmas, Brand Beckham's crushed velvet blazer will be beating a trail for Diageo's Haig Club around the world. The adoption of this once unfashionable liquid by a mainstream distiller marks a turning point in world whisky at which Compass Box invite you to cast your mind back to the grain whisky that started it all. Fourteen years ago, award-winning Scotch whisky maker, Compass Box Whisky Company released its first ever product 'Hedonism' - blended in Scotland using 100% grain whisky.

Sweet Virtues Handmade Superfood Truffles

Sweet Virtues is an award-winning, forward thinking and health conscious food business, launching the UK'’s first super food luxury truffles. Available in three delicious varieties, Maqui, Chia Seeds & Lime and Baobab & Vanilla, the truffles come in boxes of around 10 and are perfect as a unique and luxurious gift or the ultimate guilt-free treat for oneself.

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