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Cream of the Irish Liqueurs

There will be few people who haven't heard of Baileys Irish Cream. The Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur boasting a 17% alcohol content. It comes out at Christmas in many homes without fail, but what alternatives are on offer for 2016?

A Cocktail of Chocolate

Over Easter we had a cocktail of chocolate to choose from and found a few home-grown companies right on our doorstep, offering great chocolate choices throughout the South-East.

An Introduction to 'Real' Chocolate

Ever since I can remember I have never turned down the offer of chocolate. It's always been the brands everyone would recognise - and there is nothing wrong with that! I have always enjoyed a Terry's Orange 'tap and crack'’, or polishing off a Toberlerone. However, this Easter my family has been subjected to a 'real' chocolate education.

Pretty in Pink with a Christmas Rosé on the Menu

Christmas is a great time to have a good glass of fizz or flat to accompany your meal, greet your guests with or relax into the night after a truly festive day. And this year your table can be pretty in pink with the wonderful selection of rosé wines that are now readily available.

Celebrating Sausage Week with The Black Farmer

British Sausage Week takes place from 2nd - 8th November 2015 and after the recent bad press the humble sausage has received we think the British Banger deserves a bit of a celebration. And for those who like their sausages with a little less involved, The Black Farmer offers gluten-free options across his range.

Handmade Marshmallow from Harley Sweet

The Speciality and Fine Food Show always uncovers a new brand or product that we just can't walk by. So when we were introduced to Harley Sweet by The Fine Confectionery Co. we got in touch with owner Madeleine Harley to find out why she was making such amazing marshmallow.

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