Sweet Virtues Handmade Superfood Truffles

Sweet Virtues is an award-winning, forward thinking and health conscious food business, launching the UK'’s first super food luxury truffles. Available in three delicious varieties, Maqui, Chia Seeds & Lime and Baobab & Vanilla, the truffles come in boxes of around 10 and are perfect as a unique and luxurious gift or the ultimate guilt-free treat for oneself.

Bang on Bangers to Make Bonfire Night Sizzle for British Sausage Week

No firework party would be complete without our favourite bangers - and for anyone craving a proper sausage HECK has a whole host of delicious examples to get Bonfire Night off to a sizzling start. This year Guy Fawkes Night coincides with British Sausage Week which runs from the 3rd - 9th November - so even more reason to celebrate the great British banger and treat taste buds to the best that money that buy.

Gluten & Lactose-Free Oktoberfest Celebrations with Herman Ze German

Herman ze German maintains its sausage supremacy with the opening of a third London wurst parlour this October. With quality, authenticity and a sense of humour at the heart of everything it does, Herman ze German serves-up a traditional menu filled with the tastiest and healthiest gluten & lactose-free Bratwurst, Chilli Beef and Bockwurst, all grilled to perfection served with toppings of choice including sauerkraut and onions.

Free-From Extends to Cosmetics and SkinCare

When it comes to being free-from, it is important to remember to carry this over into your cosmetics and skincare products too - as many ingredients are still absorbed into the body through the skin - and can cause irritation even when you don't 'eat' them orally. Last months Free-From Skin Care Awards brought to light some great companies who are available to help you negotiate the cosmetic and skin care minefield in a free-from way!

Pão de Queijo with a Twist from Soft Sage

Being on a FODMAP diet is no fun - not even at this year's Allergy & FreeFrom Show, Olympia, where a vast amount of the food either contained soya, coconut or dates. So, as I walked around with a very rumbling tum, while my wonderful food editor, Sarah, sampled all the delights on offer, I can assure you it was with great personal delight that I stopped at the Soft Sage stand.

Pick of the Day - PERK!ER Continue to Perk Up Your Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - and we love the energy and commitment Ann and Steve have to their brand and products at PERK!ER Foods - at that is just one of the reasons we have chosen them for our Pick of the Day, today. We originally discovered PERK!ER a few years ago and immediately fell in love with their Fruity Berry Porridge. The aroma alone had us wanting more, from the moment we first opened the box, and the taste kept us going to the very last drop.

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