Going Meat-Free with the Fry Family

As a Paleo eater I must admit, the thought of meat substitute food really doesn't get me excited but after a week of Fry Family Food I have to say the resulting meals were not quite what I expected.

Crickets on the Menu with Crobar

Last year a selection of health-focussed, energy bars made with cricket flour was launched nationwide. Crobar is the first food product to retail in the UK that uses insects as an ingredient and the bars are billed as a healthy source of vitamins, antioxidants and protein - as well as being gluten, soy and dairy-free.

Celebrating Sausage Week with The Black Farmer

British Sausage Week takes place from 2nd - 8th November 2015 and after the recent bad press the humble sausage has received we think the British Banger deserves a bit of a celebration. And for those who like their sausages with a little less involved, The Black Farmer offers gluten-free options across his range.

Handmade Marshmallow from Harley Sweet

The Speciality and Fine Food Show always uncovers a new brand or product that we just can't walk by. So when we were introduced to Harley Sweet by The Fine Confectionery Co. we got in touch with owner Madeleine Harley to find out why she was making such amazing marshmallow.

Herman Ze German Launches New Burger Menu

In celebration of National Burger Day on the 27th August, Herman Ze German have introduced a permanent new ze Burger Menu at their Charlotte Street branch. The specially created ze Chicken Melt is set to rouse even the most traditional burger fans.

Sweet Mandarin Secure National Listing

Sweet Mandarin, makers of gluten- and nut-free sauces have secured a national listing with Waitrose and Holland & Barrett. Twins, Lisa and Helen say there supermarket deal is a "dream come true".

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