Frebaco's Swedish Nut-free Breakfast Cereals Now Available at Tesco

Now is the time to take a closer look at what your supermarket has to offer in terms of individual and independent producers. A hugely popular Swedish nut-free range of mueslis and porridge from family-owned milling company FREBACO KVARN has been launched in the UK in 80 selected Tesco stores and online as part of the supermarket chain's Lifestyle Food Fair.

Free-from Food - The Big Success Story for the Food Industry

'Freefrom' food is currently the big success story of the food industry. While other sectors remain relatively flat, 'freefrom' continues to power ahead with growth rates of around 15% year on year and a projected turnover of over half billion pounds by 2017 in the UK alone. But why freefrom? What is 'freefrom' food? And why is it growing so fast? The answer is simple - the number of people needing or choosing to eat 'freefrom' is growing just as rapidly. We asked Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, director of the FreeFrom Food and FreeFrom Eating Out Awards, to expand on the 'freefrom' phenomenon.

New Food Allergen Law - Food Information Regulations

December 13th 2014 marks the introduction of the Food Information Regulations (EU1169/2011) which is being introduced by the Food Standards Agency and DEFRA. These regulations bring together and update a series of existing regulations regarding nutrition and allergen ingredients information. We spoke to Liz Allan, founder of Allergy Aware Kitchen, to find out what advice she has for food business owners regarding the new regulations.

Do You Know What's in Your Wine

Over the last 50 years, winemaking has become ever more processed, controlled and unnatural. Blanket crop-spraying in vineyards, high levels of sulphites along with more than 50 other additives are added to 99.9% of the wines we drink and you'll find very few of these details mentioned on the labels. So why are we concerned what's in our food, but not our wine?

Entry Opens for the First Ever 'FreeFrom' Eating Out Awards

The new FreeFrom Eating Out Awards are designed to raise awareness of the opportunities offered to food service providers by the growing numbers of those either needing, or choosing, to eat ‘freefrom’. The awards are being launched to coincide with the build up to the new Food Information Regulations (FIRs) coming into force in December 2014, which will require all food service outlets to provide accurate information about any of the 14 major allergens in the food that they serve.

Secret Sausages - Vegetables in Disguise

Secret Sausages are on a mission to transform meal times - giving you a really easy option that not only does you good, but tastes amazing too. Swap your normal meat or veggie sausage for a Secret Sausage and enjoy any place any time. Perfect with mash, in a sarnie, on the BBQ or even in a hearty sausage casserole, eating Secret Sausages is a great way to sneak more vegetables onto the whole family’s plate without them even noticing!

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